26+2 Plastic Shaders Pack For CINEMA4D (C4D)

This shaders pack is created for use in MAXON Cinema 4D.

It’s compatible with version 10 and/or newer.

The main project file is named “1.c4d”.

File “1.c4d” contains 26 different shaders.

I made preview for each shader group different so you can navigate more easy.

This pack contains:

-5 Glossy Plastic Shaders -5 Rubber Shaders -6 Acryl Shaders -5 Clear Plastic/Plexiglass Shaders -5 Nylon Shaders

+ 2 Bonus Realistic Shaders

To use this shaders load them into your project, and apply them to objects you want.

Note: If you use GI, keep the strenght low, because there are multiple lights in the scene, and high strengh would cause overbright render. Ofcourse, you can apply these materials to your own scene.

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This item is part of my Shader Packs Collection