Apple iPhone 5 Collection

Includes these four iPhone 5 Editions :

- Original Slate/Black Edition - Original White/Silver Edition - Custom Black Edition iPhone 5 - Custom Red Edition iPhone 5

- Accurate Model of Apple’s iPhone 5

- Every part of the model has been made with extreme care with Reference of iPhone 5

- Uses One Multi/Sub object basic parameters for material and texturing with a total of 15 ID’s

- Uses Vray & Materials are included

- Textures for screen, cameras, camera lights etc is also included

- Beast for Close Up Rendering or Animation as show on Screenshots

- Pivots are Centered and Model has been Set to Original Position

Poly/Vert Count (Each Phone)

Overall polys 15102 Overall Verts 25517

Rendered With VRay Adv 2.40.03 (3dsmax 2013)

Many File Formats :

.max 2010/2011/2012/2013 .3ds .fbx (no textures) .dwg .dwf .dxf .obj .w3d

Best Regards