This kind of texture maps are used to generate meshes without the need of model them up to the detail. All you have to do is to map a “cylinder” and apply the texture map into the bump or displacement slot of your 3d material editor program. Also it is useful to create car tracks on the road matching with the ones that your car really has. For that reason it is useful for game development as well for medium-high level renders. In this case these textures are better to be used for Car tyre (Ct) models, and you will find textures that go from old car tyres to sport cars ones. Please check a more detailed preview in the More images section.

This will help you to

  • Create realistic models even in close up shoots
  • Decrease your ram usage when it is not necessary
  • Improve your render times
  • Lighten your viewport workflow
  • Change easily the style of your tyres

What does the pack include? It contains:

  • 25 Car tyre textures (CT 1-25) (2160×3597 pixels approx. each one) in (.jpg) format.
  • + A basic tutorial of how to use them for different purposes in (.pdf) format (for 3ds max and vray users)


The “More images” section includes a preview of all the textures included in this pack. Take a look!

The models on the images are shown just to check how they would look once the texture is applied. They are not included in the pack.

If you have any question or problem contact me via my profile.

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