Glass Material Pack for C4D (22 in 1)

This shaders pack is created for use in MAXON Cinema 4D.

It’s compatible with version 10 and/or newer.

It contains 22 different shaders, and roughness 5 modifiers.

This pack contains:

-1 clear glass shader

-15 colored/tint glass (red, green, blue, orange and purple), with three levels of amount for each color (light, medium, dark).

-6 smoked glass (3 plain and 3 colored)

-5 modifiers (bits and bubbles, hexagonal bump, square bump, random roughness 1 and random roughness 2)

The shaders can be used with or without Global Illumination.

Also you can use Caustics with each material in pack.

I suggest using Anti-Aliasing (at least 2×2).

Here are some of the preview images:

“Red, green, blue”

“Levels of tint”

“Smoked glass”

“Smoked glass colors”

“Bits and bubbles”


“Wine glass scene, without GI and caustics “

“Scene rendered with using Global Illumination”

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