INKY character model !

a fun little character for you to use in your animation or other projects. A great character for doing walkcycles to show on your demoreel, or to animate your monologue or dialogue shot with.

Can’t wait to see this guy being included on the demoreels going out to the studio’s when applying for a job!

The foot_control is seperate from the flip-flop (slipper) control, so with the right audio-file you can really make the flip-flops work.

IK FK switch_controls, for you to switch between.

Tongue_controls, with the possibility to bring the tongue stick outside the mouth.

6 extra mouth(lip)_controls to get the desired mouth shape.

EyeBrow_controls to to get the right expression for the face.

Cheek_controls, to play with when making a smile or sad face.

Nose_control, to play with, wiggle it, or just add some overlap/followthru when moving or rotating the head.

Ear_controls, to give that bit of extra on your facial expression. Also great to work with overlap/followthru when moving or rotating the head.

Render scene is included as well as a scene without textures, light and render-settings, so you can decide if you want to light or texture it yourself.


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