Get started on a new game monster quickly with this low poly, hand painted Demon Grunt. He is bound to an HIK skeleton and ready to be animated.

To achieve the look as seen on the preview images the model needs to be self illuminated (flat shaded) to some degree in what ever 3D software or engine you are using. It comes in a range of formats that will easily import to all major 3D software packages or game engines out there.

Buy this item to download the model and accompanying files together with the license to use the work in a project (see license description).

Update 10.09.2014: Animations Added

  • frame: 00010041 jump
  • frame: 00640083 back pedal (loop)
  • frame: 01300149 Shuffle on spot (loop)
  • frame: 01720215 head bash
  • frame: 02160275 roar
  • frame: 03000322 strafe left (loop)
  • frame: 03900413 strafe right (loop)
  • frame: 04800502 walk (loop)
  • frame: 05510563 run (loop)
  • frame: 06030615 punch run (loop)
  • frame: 06380724 swipe attack
  • frame: 07250873 enraged
  • frame: 08740946 die
  • frame: 09471040 spawn
  • frame: 10411120 backHanded smash
  • frame: 11211152 gethit from behind
  • frame: 11581189 gethit from left
  • frame: 11921223 gethit from right
  • frame: 12281272 gethit from front
  • frame: 13301385 idle (loop)

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