Low poly hand painted shield [Militia 01]

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This is low poly hand painted shield. It’s intended for various types of fantasy role playing games.

This particular shield is considered to be a part of ‘starter’ equipment, which player can acquire early at the beginning of your game. However, you may use it any way you like :)

This asset comes with 3 LOD (level of detail) models and 2 texture sizes. Your download will contain following files:

round_militia_shield_LOD0.max(.obj, .fbx) – 124 tris
round_militia_shield_LOD1.max(.obj, .fbx) – 108 tris
round_militia_shield_LOD2.max(.obj, .fbx) – 60 tris

round_militia_shield_256.png (256×256)
round_militia_shield_512.png (512×512)

Click ‘More images’ button to see wireframes.

Preview image shows this shield in flat (100% lit) mode. In order to achieve similar look within your game engine, textures need to be self-illuminated.

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