Practical Vray Render Setup for 3ds Max

Practical Vray Render Setup for 3ds Max - 3DOcean Item for Sale

An awesome renderscene for you models and products. Especially great for cars and other vehicles that need a realistic studio setup.

No More nightmares with Gamma 2.2!

The scene is set up for linear workflow using the Gamma 2.2 method. No more pain setting values, and playing with subdivisions ! All you have to do is hit render, and when done override result with gamma 2.2 in the frame buffer (just 2 clicks).

*simple step illustrated in a screenshot.

No textures used

This makes usage extremely convenient, especially when sending the file to render-slaves in case of distributed rendering.

Breathtaking Results just a few clicks Away

See the image previews ? No complex color corrections. Just a contrast fix (sample PSD file provided)

3 Vray Materials Absolutely FREE !

Materials saved in a .MTL file for ease of use, and are also present in the scene.

The bike model is form Evermotion’s Vehicles library and is NOT included in the package. It was used for showcase.

Cheers !