Purity EP - Vray Render Setup


*Version 1.01 update: minor fixes to the camera sliders. Should work fine now

Introducing Purity EP ! A part of the upcoming functional render setups for Vray in 3dsMax !

Rendering in Vray. Simplified.

Achieve clean, neat renders by just importing your files into the scene and hitting render !

Dedicated Photographic UI

To further simplify the rendering process and modifications, i have created a dedicated UI in your viewport with which you can control the scene camera as a full grade professional DSLR !

Automated Colour Correction.

If you don’t know how to enhance your default renders, let me do it ! I have left you an action kit for correcting renders of every scene !

Blazing fast!

As usual ! Rendering with my Vray setups insures that you get results, FAST. And guess what, i have shaved off a bit more seconds of render time ! An 880×495 px image with DOF enabled renders in 35 seconds on a laptop device.

24/7 Author Support

I value my buyers, and i am ready to provide support for my files always.

More setups to come, stay tuned !

Cheers !