Simple Things - Vray Render Setup

An awesome time-saver setup that gives you professional-grade renders, fast ! Requires V-ray and 3dsMax 2010+

Render Faster, be awesome!

Scene has been optimized to meet the specs of average machines. I was rendering the previews on a single dual-core i3 cpu (@2.2Ghz). A 960×540px render takes ~10 minutes !

Gamma 2.2 Nightmares Are Over !

The 3ds Max scene was set up to work in linear workflow (gamma 2.2). Panic away ! you don’t need to be too knowledgeable about the tricky ways of dealing with gamma 2.2.. I included an awesome free gamma 2.2 toolkit (that i created especially for this). Simply render your frame, open it up in photoshop, and let my actions do the rest.

Makes gamma 2.2 workflow a walk in the park. Instructions on use given in the “how to” folder.

Special Action Included:

An awesome realism post-processing action was also added to the gamma 2.2 toolkit action set that adds that WOW factor to your render in 2 seconds !

Exclusive Freebie Model:

Enjoy an ultra detailed sleek pen model that you can use in any project you want (visible in the previews)

Best for Rendering small objects only:

Scene sizes and light intensities were picked specially for you to render smaller objects, which makes the scene perfect for product VIZ . Can’t guarantee good render quality for large objects.

Flexible IBL Solution:

Out-of-the-box IBL (image based lighting) to achieve an excellent result.. The first scene of its kind to introduce mixed lighting solutions.

Easter Eggs !

Included some in the max files… try to find them all, you will be pleasantly surprised :) (hint: More freebies !)

24/7 Author Support:

I am ready to offer support for my items around the clock. Go find an author who offers you this.

Cheers !