What is a HDRI ? :

A High Dynamic Range Image is an image which stores light information, which then can be used to light your 3D scene easier and more realistic.

Due to the 32bit depth a HDRI can contain brighter light values than 100%, and although a red circle with 500% brightness turns white, the actual illumination still stays bright red.

In simpler terms, a HDR image contains more then meets the eye.

What is inside the package?:

  • 5 unique HDR Images + mirror
  • format : .hdr and .exr
  • 32bit depth
  • 6000×3000pixel

Perfect for different products like: household items, electronics, jewelery or kitchenware. Works great for different materials ranging from metal, glass, ceramic, plastic.

Each HDRI is designed for a specific product group in mind.
  • HDRI #001 : for packages and beverages, the lit backdrop is already included in the hdr image
  • HDRI #002 : for transparent products, like glasses, bowls, bottles or jewelery
  • HDRI #003 : works with white or colored photo studio setups, for technical devices in plastic or metal
  • HDRI #004 : symmetrical hdri suited for cook-/ kitchenware in metal/ glass or plastic
  • HDRI #005 : standard 3 plane setup for simple objects

special note:

HDR Images in .hdr or .exr format work with every render/3D package which supports them.

In terms of realism / accuracy an unbiased renderer works best with this “HDRI PACK ”. For example : Maxwell Render, Fryrender, IndigoRender, Luxrender, IRay, Vray RT, Octane aso.

Due to the countless and broad variety of renderer’s / 3d packages i cannot provide support in term of “How to use a HDR Image inside your specific program” please ensure how to do so, by either looking inside the software manual or googeling it, before making the purchase.

Thank you for your understanding.