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CG textures: perfect for creating 3D worlds

Used by artists and designers to create virtual images full of realism, computer-generated graphics have been taking the world by storm for years now. You see them in your favorite videos, movies, and especially popular video games. They're derived from high resolution imagery to simulate realistic textures you would normally see in real life.

Still a bit confused on why it would be good to use a CG Texture? Have a read below:

  • CG textures make your projects come to life. A simple 3D sphere is nothing without texture. But if you map an amazing image of the world onto it, there you have it! It now looks like a thriving planet Earth. We could go on with examples like this one forever—have a browse through our categories and you'll see what we mean.
  • They're great for creating virtual 3D worlds. It's incredibly easy to get lost in the graphics of digital video games. This is hugely contributed by the fact that designers have crafted gorgeous worlds with exquisite details. And nowadays, you can barely tell the difference between virtual graphics and the real thing.
  • They're a great time-saving alternative to creating your own textures. Resource packs allow you to find the textures you need without creating them yourself. So you can save plenty of work hours for your creative projects by getting some of the resources from our collection.
  • And finally, CG textures are great for adding realism to your work. Without texture, 3D models would be very smooth… too smooth in fact! But with the right resource, you can simulate the real fine grain of wooden flooring or the cold hard surface of concrete.

Our vast collection of CG textures has been created by a community of talented artists and hand-reviewed by our team to make sure every asset means quality and functionality standards. Also, here are some of the key features you can enjoy from this selection:

  • High-resolution imagery. It will be a challenge to tell the difference between what's real and what's fake! These texture are scanned in at massive sizes, so you can go ahead and incorporate them into your 3D models or set them up as backgrounds.
  • Various textures and styles to choose from. From wood to stone, from fabric to metal and flora, there are all sorts of themes and subjects to browse through. Some of our most popular assets include panoramas, skydomes and clouds.
  • Multiple image formats available. Need a PSD file instead of a plain old JPG? No worries. You can find plenty of graphics with multiple formats available.
  • Premium texture bundles included. Our authors here at 3DOcean are quite the giving type. Included in many downloads are awesome texture bundles to provide you with more than one option to choose from.