12" Apple MacBook 2016

12" Apple MacBook 2016

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12” Apple Macbook

12” MacBook

The 12” MacBook was based off the original Apple MacBook released in 2015, and refreshed in 2016. The model is photorealistic with PBR shaders and top quality hi-res textures. We have had an add-on specially made to go hand-in-hand with the 12” MacBook to control all of the features in an easy to use panel.

Why should you buy it?

The 12” MacBook & MacBook Controller provide a very easy solution to professional renders that require a computer. It can be used in website demonstration images, creating stock images, architecture visualisation and more.


  • Realistic modelling
  • PBR materials
  • High quality textures
  • Low-Poly (24,086 Tris & 14,126 Verts)
  • Great for distant & close up renders
  • All textures in .png or .jpg
MacBook Controller (add-on):
  • Add/remove as many MacBooks as you like
  • Select the color (Silver/Gold/Space Grey/Rose Gold)
  • Toggle the Menubar & Dock
  • Toggle screen glare/reflection
  • Screen brightness
  • Screen rotation
  • Screen wallpaper
  • Screen icons (brightness/backlit keys/volume)
  • Caps lock indicator
  • iSight camera indicator
  • Backlit keys brightness
  • Dirt, dust and smudges
  • Full documentation in a .pdf format

Important Notes:

If you are using the MacBook Controller add-on, please ensure that you do not:
  • Rename the objects
  • Rename the nodes
  • Move the material slot orders
  • Alter the nodes inside the materials
  • Alter the scripts
The add-on depends on these things staying consistent in order to function correctly! Please remember that the add-on has to create a new set of materials for every MacBook. This is because it is the only way to control the parameters individually.

Change Log:

Version 1.0.0: Initial release


Created by: Matthew Inglis MacBook Model: Matthew Inglis MacBook Controller: Akash Hamirwasia, Matthew Inglis