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I just downloaded you rigged character. The character itself has been modeled very well.

Upon downloading I immediately noticed that you didn’t include any IK Chains to cause kinetic positioning of the limps and torso when posing the character. For example if you drag his knee forward it destroys the integrity of the entire leg.

Is it possible to include these IK Chains and provide an update so the character can set in different poses?


Hello Ryan, The rig is as standardized as possible to make it easy to manipulate the character. It can be customized further to match the exact need of your projects. However, you can pose it any way you need to without further changes to the rigging. I hope this answers your question. Thanks

Again, the modeling of the characters great. So are the items that come with it. It’s also priced well for what comes with the purchase.

I guess I didn’t specify what the file was missing in the rigging.

Rigging typically includes the Kinetic chains. That makes the character capable of proper positioning and posing. if the knee bends up the foot follows when IK Chains are implemented. Without Kinetics the character is extremely hard to position, manipulate, etc.

Here’s a link to a video explaining simple Kinetic chains in C4D : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F843jISl7Bc

I followed this tutorial after the download and in a few minutes the legs worked extremely well. It’d be nice if you added Kinetic chains to the legs, arms, hands, and spine for people who download this in the future.

That makes the character genuinely easy to post and manipulate.

Please update me if you add this to the file so I can re-download.

Fantastic value.


I would like to purchase only the rigged character. I already created a model like this but the rig doesn’t work very well. So, if your Rig works in every pose, please contact me.

I’d purchase it again if the rigging was complete with kinetics, ik chains and restrictions :)

I would like to purchase only the rigged character


I swear this was only $25 awhile ago. I only need the rigged character any chance you can buy it on its own?

Sad that the author disappeared. :(

I took would like to purchase just the rigged char.

Its there available for purchase.

I am only seeing this product, not a separate product without all the props.

No response from author… Unsupported product?

We are here to help. What is your question?

Can you make the rigged character available without all the props?

Hi, is the model properly rigged now or does it have the same limitations other customers (e.g., RyanMurray) complained about. I would buy it, but only if rigged correctly.