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Very nice model, yoy! Hope it will be 1 thing you will sell here. :)

Try to present you models in best way you can. Sometimes wrapper no less important than candy? :)

thanks :)

yeah its a true thing, i will work on it for my next model :)

But im french so i cant do a really good description :S

Gm… Who told you that that? :)

I know many Frenches that did really good descriptions… Very many if we start from Bombshell, Victor Gyugo and and Alexander Dumas. ;)

I will do what i can on my next file ;)

it will be a lowpoly model ;)

awesome model..

I want to give you my opinion for having more sales..
  • uploading more pictures from different perspectives
  • promote your files on twitter.com
  • thinking about colors for your model, aesthatic colors, maybe less bright…. if you take a very bright color, combine it with a chrome silver as example…. same on your BMX , it would look awesome if you would replace the green with a chrome silver it would look perfect

I want that you know that this is constructive feedback and I hope it helps :) good luck

Thanks for this comment :)

I will try to give more pictures and maybe a 3d view ;)

I never goes on twitter :p i will try it :)

The colors are easy to changes ;) but next time i will put more choices :)

thanks again ^^

I know they are easy to change, but its better for your presentation….. btw you can update your file via edit… just to let you know

you’re welcome

I am editing the file at the moment ;)

really cool model, can it be animated? I would definetly get an extended license if it was animated… (ie: pedals and wheels go round)

Thank ^^

I will try it :)

any chance in a low poly version?

i can get it to 100 000 poly but not lower sorry :(