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I love it!

This model is perfect, thank you very much

Thank you for the positive Feedback!!!

:D Hope it Helps you! :)

Hi Cinema4dmad

My download came without the textures (only .3ds .obj .c4d files in ZIP file)

How I make the scene look like your render still?

I appreciate your consideration.

All the best

Eduardo Neves”


Sorry the material i used is included in the .C4d object but probably not the .3Ds and .OBJ as the material wont output to those file formats as the programmes used would use different material sets

It’s just a basic red colour with a reflection

And the set up it was rendered in is a paid for scene set up, Not included just the object and the material in the .c4D file

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks Jamie.

Hi Jamie

Don´t worry :), the model is very useful for me.

The scene (set up lightning, with reflection) is available for purchase?

Thanks very much


Hey again,

It’s not for sale on this site, It’s from another site…

But you could use one of my set ups?


Should look good with the above scene :)

If not, Search around 3Docean, Should find a scene set up for cheap that it would look good with :)

Here’s what I think. If you say you are including materials, then do it for all formats or say it’s only for C4D , or raise the price. But it comes as a surprise when it states up front that the file comes with a material and it’s a single mesh.

Given that I had made a heart mesh this good already in Max, I probably would not have spent the dollar to have another one. I was judging the entire thing based on the ease of render.

Really, next time be much more clear. A “good” idea is to offer anyone an obj file with all embedded scene objects, etc., who bought it so they could match your render. Then update your description to offer better accuracy.

The OBJ file is only there as when uploaded to 3D ocean they asked me to include this extra file format. But it’s clearly stated that the item was made inside of cinema 4d and the materials used is only for C4D which should’ve been self explanatory.

People shouldn’t assume that a scene is included if it does not mention said scene, It’s clearly just a render to show off the item that is for sale, If the scene was included i’d of stated “the scene is included”

Sorry for the trouble. I’ll edit the description and explain clearly what’s included and what’s not included.

Well, that’s a good idea to edit the description. I don’t assume anyone would assume anything. And it will be better for you.

If you really wanted to offer compatibility from C4D , your host program, to a mainstream 3DS Max, then exporting as VRML1 + VRML2 = Good quality, but C4D applies a 90 degree rotation on the data which is incorrect, but easily fixed.

Do that, and you’re gold when you want to bundle the textures you worked hard to show off your model with. And double your price for yourself.

Nice things :)Good luck to you

thank you pal!

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Thank you pal! Just rated 5 stars :)

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