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I couldn’t get this to work. Can you provide a tutorial?


I dont have tutorial for this 3d model because its easy when you ll open 3d max software you need change only label1 texture and update material. Or you can change label first and then open 3d max file it ll updated. and you can render camera or another angles.

Can you tell me why my render is darker then your picture, any suggestion?


yes pls check 2 lamp on scene. and make sure vray default lights setting unclick, and maybe you need check envroinment color(light color ll be good) vray setting. that is My suggestions.

Hi, there is a curved plane in the background of the bottles – it is a gray plane but I can’t seem to select it. Is there a way to unlock that plane so that I can change the color of it? I’m currently using 3dmax 2014.

Thank you.

Oke sure You need click anywhere on 3d max window and right click and then you can see unfreeze All and click this and then you can see plane ll open and you can add another materials. thanks

if plane is hidden 2nd way pls unhide all object and you can see and select plane.


Just bought this, we have 3DS Max 2013 and V-Ray 2.30, any chance you could release a more up to date model?

Opening this file we get some DLL errors and just a completely black rendering …

sure pls message me on my website: http://www.ufukleblebici.com

I am dissapointed by this project you sell on Evvato market as it has hidden details until you purchase it. This is poor work. You must say from the start to the one that wants to buy that he cannot use the project as is, that you need vray (an expensive purchase) and also medium skills to 3DS Max – involving modifications of light, background and rendering setting. Also if you do not have vray you are in for a head blowing problem setting the plugin and render settings

Thanks for your kind message but i think you need to know 3d max and vray before purchase thanks

Hello Dear! Nice file, but i working with c4d: can you provide me a c4d file, because i can’t insert the custom label? Thank You, Therealist!

Hello, problem resolved but hey, if i edit this mockup in other software (c4d) how can i show correctly in render the outher “glass” shield of the bottle? Because now it invisible in c4d. Thx.

oke thanks