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This is what I need for 3D Golden Buddha logo animation. And not only me! :)

Friend! Hello again.. Can you tell me, is it possible to purchase from you not only this 3D model but also 10sec animation for this one? Or if it is not possible, can you a lil bit recreate this robot? I want him very much to sit in pose of a Buddha..

Thanks in advance! :)

- GB -

If you need animation of this model please send me an email (alekrazum3000@mail.ru) the details of what you would like to see in this video clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVKE5CBajDc

Sorry the correct address alekrazum3000@yahoo.com

Have just sent you an e-mail. Thanks for reaction! Your animation is incredible. I feel that in the nearest future I will have great Buddha Robot animation..

Hi Alekrazum, I just buy it your robot yesterday, when I open it said I have missing files: fx_1_23.jpg rust.jpg 001testur.jpg

Could you send me those files?

Thanks Frank

Can you send me the texture files as well?

hi, can i make animation with Cinema4D ???

rigged 3D max biped