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Looks great but parts of that are far too high poly for mobile devices.

Could you provide a list of all that parts included WITH a poly/tri count for each part please? thanks :)

I know that the iPhones and other mobile devices on android able to process more than 100 000 polygons in the scene The list will try to do in the near future :) 1-2 days, too much elements :D Thanks for comment :)

I completed the list, here it is :) http://3.s3.envato.com/files/22536226/GE_image.jpg you are satisfied with such a list?

superb list, thank you :)

This is one amazing package man.

Thanks :)

WOW !!! It’s cool

Sapsibo towarish :D

Fantastic work! i love it :D

Thank you very much, did not know that someone like it :)

Really nice job!

Thanks :^)

couple of quick q’s, really pondering buying this now…

each of the models come as seperate pieces right? does it include the demo scene? could you export to .fbx please?



Hi No, models are not separated. They are divided into groups (Buildings, Bridges, Trees, Humans and etc) for easy creation of the game world in 3d max. But if you need to have a separate model, I can separate them and save as a separate “max” or “fbx” File And yes, Example (demo) is included in max file, I can export it to the FBX if you need I can also export to the FBX File all objects, but there are some objects that you must to use the modified (few roads for bendings) all the rest can be used without modification :)

Screeshot of Example (Demo level) from 3dmax viewport http://3docean.net/theme_previews/1933514-3dmax-low-poly-models-big-pack-for-gamedev?index=6 Screenshot of All 3d models (from 3dmax viewport) for create game http://3docean.net/theme_previews/1933514-3dmax-low-poly-models-big-pack-for-gamedev?index=5

Note: Game level to be done in 3d editor and then export to game engine, in the game engine will not be able to do all the work of editing and welding geometry.

Maybe I’m not quite articulate, sorry for my English :) I mean, the work of editing the geometry to fit your needs you can not avoid. Anyway, in the 3d editor, you will need to make the landscape (with the terrain, roads and grass), with the fences standing on it (that is, what needs to be edited), and everything else you can put in the Game Engine at your discretion

Thank you :)

Good work andrOid this is really great I can see the hard work here :P

Thanks :)

i remember only one thing looking at your pack, TrackMania:X Loved that game!

Hi, This looks great. What is the poly count of the demo scene that is included?

Hi, Thanks for comment :) Poly count of demo scene 66 000 tris