3er HDRI Sky Pack 04 - Sunny Daylight Clouds

3er HDRI Sky Pack 04 - Sunny Daylight Clouds

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3er HDRI Sky Pack 04 - Sunny Daylight Clouds - 3DOcean Item for Sale

Collection pack of 3 full spherical HDRI panoramas (360° & 180°). Beautiful sunny daylight situations with different cloud types (times: 10:52, 13:10, 14:22 (different days)). All panorama textures have a super high resolution of 10.000 × 5.000 pixel and can be used as skydome for image based lighting (GI). These are real captured skies with all their richness and detail (not computer generated!)

Ideal for realistic architectural renderings (but also products, etc.)

Save money
If you are playing with the thought of buying several HDRIs, collection packs are a good way for you to save some of your budget.

Superhigh resolution of 10.000×5.000 pixels with 9 exposure steps that offer a rich light depth.

(HDR): .hdr; .exr; (LDR): .jpg

Backplate images
Each HDRI picture comes with fitting high-res backplates for final background compositings. Click the detail links below to get more information on each of the HDRIs.

HDR sky panorama can be used in every 3D application that supports HDRI lighting (3D studio max, Cinema 4D, Keyshot, Vray, Mentalray, Maxwell, Maya, etc.)

Following the single HDRIs used in this pack
Each HDRI is also available for single purchase on 3DOcean. Please follow the links below to find more details on each them

HDRI spherical sky panorama – 1052 – sunny morning
HDRI spherical sky panorama – 1310 – sunny sky / clouds
HDRI spherical sky panorama – 1442 – cloudy sky

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