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Neat! Will be useful, without any doubt.

Thanks, glad if so :)

Great and usefull (GSG clean style :)). My suggestion for next update is some candy (twisted lines) material style. Thumbs up

Ok)) I’ll remember this

Very nice looking materials! Congrats ;)

hmm they look good..but i want more then colors..lets see what you ill make for the update. ;)

Hello :) Now I worked on the metal materials and on the materials with simple textures, I have nothing to update on this file.. Maybe you have some other suggestions?

Hej Lostanastacia, GSG have a new Texture kit, but I like this styles more (btw there are very, veeery similar – are You in touch with him :)).

Anyway for new material, here a more suggestions from me: Stripes, stripes! (like I sad candy stripes) Then … some crazy, colorfull fur and maybe some glowing styles, like flowers from Avatar, You know something psychedelic.

Keep up man, You’re good and we want more and more :)

Ha-ha, ok I’ll remember that! And, yes, I need to make some more-more materials)) About GSG – I started learning cinema with his tutorials so it can be similar :) And thank about informaition of texture kit, didn’t see it yet!

Very useful and clean indeed ! I have to buy this pack one day :)

Thank you! I’ll be waiting ;)

Certainly ! Thank you for this valuable collection, it is a real gain of time. And by the way, the Gorilla’s collection is far different from this one but the textures and techniques he uses in his tutorials are similar, so no worries anyone this is a good quality collection.

Thanks)) Glad that you like it!

Hello, a question: is water or drop of water also present? Is it in the second row completely on the right? Or is it only a glass?

Hello, sorry but yes, it’s only a glass.

can you pls publish all of the render settings to achieve the demo rendering? I just need to get a render done – dont want to money around which is why I bought the scene instead of setting it up my self – many thank

Please, open the file Studio Scene.c4d, delete the demo objects and copy-paste your objects – it is ready to render, just change the size of image and choose the place to save the render.

These look really good, goodluck with sales!

Thank you, st1s!