6+6 RPG D&D dice set/collection (UV Mapped, Textured)

6+6 RPG D&D dice set/collection (UV Mapped, Textured)

A collection of 6+6 (low poly + high poly) uv unwrapped and mapped rpg/d&d dice; objects are named (e.g.: High-Poly-4-faces, High-Poly-6-faces, Low-Poly-8-faces-diamond, ...).

UV Layout, numbers, and sample image texture included (see pictures): you just have to edit the image texture (with your logo, a different number set, a different texture, ...) to create your own set of rpg dice!

Every single object is available in fbx, obj, 3ds; plus, there are MAX (Default Scanline and V-Ray, with materials) and Blender Cycles scenes.

Polygonal objects; Vertices (total amount): 1968; Faces (total amount): 1978 (tris: 3888); uv unwrapped; mostly quads and tris (a few ngons used).

Formats included: fbx, obj, 3ds; max (v-ray), max (default scanling), blend; PNG with alpha (non overlapping 2K uv-layout map), png without alpha (2K texture images samples; see preview images).

Real world dimensions (scene unit: cm).


  • Low Poly - 4 faces
  • Low Poly - 6 faces
  • Low Poly - 8 faces
  • Low Poly - 8 faces – diamond shape
  • Low Poly - 12 faces
  • Low Poly - 20 faces
  • High Poly - 4 faces
  • High Poly - 6 faces
  • High Poly - 8 faces
  • High Poly - 8 faces – diamond shape
  • High Poly - 12 faces
  • High Poly - 20 faces

+ uv image, numbers positions image, sample texture image.

Main renderings (promo image, signature images, product shots) made with V-RAY for 3D Studio MAX, using an VRAY HDRi DOME LIGHT in the scene; IMPORTANT: THIS VRAY HDRI TEXTURE (AND DOME LIGHT) IS NOT PROVIDED IN THE PACKAGE, so you have to set up a different dome light (with your own hdri map) and/or a different environment in the scene!! So, the Material provided in the V-Ray scene (used to render the presentation images here) is the Material used to render the images BUT the result will be slightly different, since the HDRi Dome Light and Texture are NOT provided in the package.

Sketchfab 3D preview: https://sketchfab.com/models/308fcc547dec442992e4568c623d574e