Aleysha is a z-tool with multiple sub-tools:

  • body
  • hair
  • eyes
  • eye corners
  • finger and toe nails
  • eye brows and lashes
  • bikini
  • shoes
  • upper teeth and gums
  • lower teeth and gums
  • tongue
  • Aleysha comes in T pose with one pose on a layer (see above) that can be turned on or off for all sub-tools (simply use sub-tool master) as well as a muscle down tone layer for the body.

    All sub-tools have been exported in .obj format at their lowest subdivision level and are great starting material for further sculpts in themselves.

    The body is poly painted and has a uv layout for saving out displacement, normal, color or other maps from Zbrush.

    The topology of the model is basic so as to not restrict the free sculpting process. It serves as a great base mesh for further projects.

    You can find the figurine here