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I purchased this but the OBJ file is corrupt and does not work. Since I don’t have MAYA it is now completly useless for me. Are you able to re-export it or refund?

hello, could you please explain what exactly doesn’t work so that we can fix it?

If you are using 3Ds MAX , you should use the FBX format. Tell me if it works out for you.

we have submitted an updated OBJ file that should be available for download soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Elia. Can you tell me if this would be easily animated in Poser 8. Sometimes I have imported 3ds and obj models but they come in as a single object and aren’t broken down in any groups or bones (and I don’t have any experience turning single objects into full animatable figures.)

there is FBX format that should contain animation data – but if you do not have MAYA or have not worked with MAYA rigs in the past, I would be cautious and check first.

The model and rig are so far excellent; very handy and time-saving. Two small things would make it even better:

1. There does not appear to be any frame (at least in the .mb) with the figure in ‘home’ position, which can be pretty handy, even though there are other ways to get it done.

2. There are a lot of shaders in the file for just one little guy running in place Window|Rendering Editors|Hypershade|Edit|Delete Unused Nodes takes care of this, tidies up the file and reduces the size nicely.

thank you, we will work on the improvements

I recently purchased this rig, but can’t seem to get the maya files to open… I’m running Maya 2010 and it’s throwing an error. (no description). Also tried to make use of the .obj file in cinema4d but only imports the mesh w/ no rig and I can’t seem to bind a rig to the mesh.

hello, the OBJ file does not contain a rig, it is only in the FBX and Maya files. As far as we checked, the rig is in tact in the Maya file available for download. Please try downloading again.

did you succeed at opening the files? Please tell us if you need any help.


Before I purchase, can this rig be used for anything…meaning for a Walk Cycle, Pickup Items, etc. Mainly I wanted to know if it’s possible to do other types of animation than Running. I’ve worked with IK/FK before, but seems like your approach is easier. Please let me know asap so I can decide on my purchase.

Yes, this rig can be used for other things as well, you can see an example video that was done all with this rig:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3iG8c64tNY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPnra2St3yw

Can I use this in blender3d? either the rig as it is or the character and add my own rig?

Please excuse my ignorance as I am new to this.



Hi. Thanks.

I have purchased this and imported as an object in Blender.That worked OK.

I have added my own rig although with my limited knowledge it is a bit time consuming!! But I am getting there slowly.

great, thanks for the comment!

Hello, great model, however I am not very experienced with using Maya, I managed to get the model to pose however I want it but the moment I touch one of the keyframes it goes back to it’s running pose, so my question is, how do I make him stick to the desired pose ? also, is there anywhere on these files a pose of him standing in a “T” position ?

Thank you

Hi, you just need to reset all the values in the pose to return it to original state. If you want to make a keyframe, you need to press “S”. hope that helps or ask me again!

Hello -> I cannot see the run cycle? I’m loading this into an XNA pipeline but it only has 1 take (Take 001), which is the T pose. This is also the case when viewing it in an FBX viewing program.

hello, we have made it for Maya users mostly, not really having experience with other programs it would be hard for us to create a running cycle to meet your needs. Please point us to your program and some explanation of how we can help.


Hello, I can’t open it on 3D Max 2013. Do you have any clue what should be the problem? I’ve already updated the FBX plugin… Thanks,

I’ve already tested import other FBX files and works fine. Can you please check it for me? Thanks.

sorry for the delay, working an an updated version that should work. Hope to have it here by tomorrow

Ok. Thanks.

Can I used the rigging in Cinema 4D?

Probably not, it is made in Maya…

hi, how can i rigg in 3ds max, please help

in maya , how may i delete the run cycle, i just want custom poses.

Hi, Select all the controllers than in the channel box mark all the attributes and right click > break connections, than you can zero out all the values to get the bind pose.