High quality and accurate model of Apple iPad Air with animated Smart Cover

• Will perfectly suit for middle distance shots and close-ups
• Nice topology (only tri and quad polygons)
• The model is grouped for easy selection and placing in your scene, all objects are named correctly
• No smoothing is needed, the model is smoothed enough even for close-ups
• 2048×2048 .jpg textures
All shading is done in physically correct linear workflow for the best quality of your renderings

• Smart Cover (in 6 colors)
• 40 frames of animation (opening cover – just like on the official website) in 3ds max, cinema 4d and fbx formats

Available formats

• 3DS Max 2011/2012/2013+ (VRay 2.3 and higher)
• Cinema 4D R13 (Standart Renderer)
• Cinema 4D R13 (VRay 1.2.6 and higher)
• FBX 2010
• Obj

• Studio setup for 3DS Max is also included, so you can just hit Render button and see the result

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