AS-350 San Jose Police Animated

AS-350 San Jose Police Animated

Realistic animated 3d model of Helicopter AS-350 (H-125) San Jose Police Department

File formats: 3ds Max 2015, OBJ, FBX, 3DS

Photoshop file is included. You can easily change livery/camo Pilots and helipad are included Sound track is included

Game ready – perfectly fits for Unity and Unreal Low poly Real world scale Units used: meters

ANIMATION (see full animation on Sketchfab)

- Main rotor: blades unfolding, blades bend, rotation, pitch, bank, blades switching (static to motion blur) - Tail rotor: rotation, pitch, blades switching (static to motion blur) - Doors: closing-opening - Cockpit: anti-torque pedals, collective lever, cyclic, throttle - Pilots: basic actions for controlling helicopter - Lights: NAVI lights, landing lights, top beacon, bottom beacon

=========== - The model has 100% Scale, placed in 0,0,0 coordinates and doesn’t have rotations - Helicopter model has 75 objects, 142 bones, 46 helpers - The model has dimensions L x W x H – 11×2.6×3.3 m (433×102.4×129.9 inches)

- Total tris count: 202.928 tris - Helicopter 165.139 tris - Pilots 25.300 tris - Helipad 11.816 tris

- All parts placed in one layer - All parts are fully UV unwraped. No multi-materials or color fills. - All parts and materials have logical names and ready for coding. (no names such as Object001 or Default – 01) - Some identical parts have the same UV coordinates (overlapped). It saves textel resolution and does not influence on Ambient occlusion map (no black spots) - PBR textures are available for Specular-Glossiness and Metalness-Roughness workflows

Textures (*.PNG):

- Diffuse - Specular - Glossiness

- Base color - Metallic - Roughness

- Normal - Ambient Occlusion - Emission

MAX resolution – Diffuse, BaseColor, Normal MIN resolution – Specular, Glossiness, Metallness, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion, Emission Material 1 (Fuselage) MAX 4096×4096, MIN 2048×2048 Material 2 (Interior) MAX 4096×4096, MIN 2048×2048 Material 3 (Helipad) MAX 2048×2048, MIN 1024×1024 Material 4 (Pilots) MAX 1024×1024, MIN 512×512 Material 5 (SearchLight Trakkabeam) MAX 1024×1024, MIN 512×512 Material 6 (Glass and Blurred blades) MAX 1024×1024, MIN 1024×1024 Material 7 (Helipad net) MAX 1024×256, MIN 1024×256 Material 8 (Lights On) 256×256

Originally created with 3ds Max 2015. No 3rd party plugins required.

Software used: - 3ds Max 2015 for modeling - UV Layout for unwrapping - Photoshop and Substance Painter for texturing - Marmoset Toolbag and V-Ray for rendering

NOT included with the file:

- Light rig/HDRI

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