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How animate the BB-8?

First activate the ‘Auto Key’ button. Then select ‘ctrl_body_position’ and move it into the next position. The body of BB-8 automatically turn in the right direction. This happens thanks to a powerful script that calculates the radius of the body and the relationship with the distance traveled. If BB-8 scale the script automatically calculate the new rotation.

You can scale to BB-8?

Yes. Select ‘ctrl_body_position’ and scale to BB-8. The new body rotation is automatically calculated. For sliding on the floor is correct.

How move, rotate or scaling the BB-8 Droid?

Select ‘ctrl_position_body’ and move, rotate or scaling the BB-8 Droid.

How to adjust the rotation of the body?

Select ‘ctrl_body_adjustment’ and rotate the body BB-8 regardless of the animated rotation. This will be used to choose a particular frame camera.

How BB-8 head is rotated?

Select ‘ctrl_head_rotation’ and rotate the head.

How the head of BB-8 moves?

Select ‘ctrl head orientation’ and move the head.

How the orientation of the secondary camera BB-8 moves?

Select ‘ctrl_camera_orientation’ and move the camera.

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