Bob the Hero Animation Rig

Bob the Hero Animation Rig

Here’s another fully featured animation rig in the same line as the Sexy Blonde rig and Little Monkey rig.

Bob comes loaded with features, starting with the basic Animation controls:

IK / FK Arms, Legs and Torso
Stretchy IK Arms, Legs and Torso
"Sculpty" Rubber hose arms and legs options
IK folllow body option on arms, legs and torso
Fully functional reverse foot
Intuitive FK finger controls
Breath control

Then we have additional levels of detail in the robust facial rig system

Full range of expression through eyebrow and mouth channel box
Full range of phoenemes
Moveable, scultpable nose
Moveable, scaleable eyes - with pupil dialator
Moveable mouth - through the ORBIT control
Moveable tongue via two easy controls
Cheek sucker and blower with implicit cheek control
Scalable Head
Switch for hair or no hair

Furthermore we have additional features sure to please the advanced users

Rig "guts" accessible through the God Node - tap UP to access bones, blend shapes and deformers
All groups, geo and modifiers painstakingly named and lovingly organized into a neat folder heiarchy
UV's laid out, ready to texture

Details included in the README file – contact me at any time for rig updates, bug fixes and general praise.