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This would be perfect if you could separate the bottles or just have the stand up bottle and also have a full wrap label.

This would then be great for product shots.

You need one single model of bottle and save it in one obj file?


I’m using 3DS Max to edit the scene, remove some pills and add 2-3 bottles. How do I change the label? Just edit the .psd file?

Thank you, great work!

Thank you! Yes you need edit only psd file.

Can I use this in element 3D for After Effects?

Yes, you need import .obj file in AE. May be you need tune material parameters.

hi, have texturized in c4d ?

hi, it has only max and obj format. But I think cinema 4D can open obj format.

I am using Photoshop CC 2014… Can I import the bottle as a 3d object as saved in the formats you provided?

Thanks! This is a great help!

John, I have placed the bottle into Photoshop cc 2014 as 3d object… working great. Have also placed a label… but how do you make the label fit all the way around the bottle? The label I have needs to wraps just about completely around the bottle. But it only fits the stock label placement you have. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi, thank you. I think you need select the bottle object and assign for it texture, and the label object you need to hide. For the bottle try to create wide texture.


Does this include the DOF in the camera?


Hi, yes i am using v-ray camera with DOF.

how am i supposed to run in PS 6? why isn’t there only one psd file? Im not familiar with this type.. Help asap!

Hi, thank you! The PSD file is for label on 3d bottle. To edit 3d bottle you need some 3d program. Or you can import *.obj file in Photoshop as 3d layer.