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this is awesome for an first file, the carpaint-style looks great

just curious, are these materials work only for C4D ?

good job Mark

The materials are within a C4D Project File, so I’m assuming that you would need C4D to use this right now. I’ll look into it and see if there is a way to export the actual materials so they could be used in other programs. If its possible, I’ll update the file.

Don’t be too critical?? You’re charging money for these. You lose that excuse.

Not sure where the animosity is coming from, but it was just a statement because its my first 3DO submission. I have no complaints yet, so I’m sure the materials are fine.

Lol at the previous comment ´:)) He does have a point, but maybe it was also a sort of sarcastic humor reply. Either way, great file, and sad to see you haven’t added more since! Get back to it when you have a spare minute, these look GREAT !

Cheers :)


Will I be able to use this in Photoshop or Illustrator? I’ve been looking for this kind for a project I’m doing.



I’m sorry but I’m not exactly sure. The file is a Cinema 4D material, I have no idea if photoshop or illustrator is compatible with this format.

very good work !