Ceiling Lamp Spindent (Rigged)

Ceiling Lamp Spindent (Rigged)

Lamp Spindent designed by: Nick Sadowsky

The lamp is rigged just to be imported and controled by a UI of two components, move and stretch.

see video to see the lamp working, (Blender Cycles and Vray).


That way you can import the lamp and just use the controlers without the need of touching the geometry. The Materials are Aluminium anodised and Oak wood, plus light bulb. In 3ds max by choosing black or white the Blend amount factor of the first coat material in the lightbulbWhite_000 material.

In Blender the light can be controled by the I/0 Value in the Material Node in the lightbulbWhite_000.

In Blender it may seem that the controls won’t work at the first time, this is because of the python script, just check on the top right corner a button that says „Reload trusted“ save your scene and then press the button.


3ds Max 2011 + Vray 2.40

Blender 2.71 + Blender Cycles (Color Management with Gamma in 2.2)

OBJ does not have materials but is UV-unwrapped , theres also no rig in this format.

DXF is a export from blender, it contets bones, wich are useless. and a morph target, wich can be used to control the lenght as well.


3ds Max

750 Polys 48,128 Polys with Turbosmooth(3 interations)


750 Faces 48,128 Faces with Subdivision Surface Modifier (3 Subdivisions)

To avoid Fireflies in cycles is recomendable to raise the samples and use Clamping. Override NodeGroup was added to reduce the fireflies and noise, i.e. The material will be seen as a diffuse shader by other shaders..

Texture Contents:

-1K woodWorn0001 (Diffuse Map, Displacement Map, Normal Map, Specular map, Reflection Map)

-1K brushedWorn

- Braided Sleeving Cable (about 1.5K)

Usage Notes:

be carefull of coping all ellements of the lamp, i.e. At import or append dialog, select all meshes and bones.

If you want to make copies of an already imported model, one have to unfrezze all layers select all meshes and bones and then copy the model.