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A good and interesting job

Thank you for you

Perfect and great work. Like real photo even better. Thank you so much.

Thank you for defining the item me

What software do I need to open it

You can run the program with software (cinema 4d r19-cinema 4d r20)

Cool… much appreciated Cheers :)

It’s cold, but at the same time it’s a little interesting

Good work Thank You

Thank You

Absolutely beautiful and great job done! GLWS!

Thank you

Is Cinema 4d the only 3D program I can use to open this, or other 3D software as well, like Blender?

You can use Cinema 4d software in all formats such as 3ds, c4d, obj, dxf, fbx are easy to run and you can make any changes on them.You can use other software to run this software but be careful that the software support the existing formats

Thank you for your reply and information!

mesmerizing, inspirational, Thank you

Thank you very much defining the item me

how i use it.

where i use it?

You can use this item to create the animations you want or you can use the (c4d,3ds,dxf,obj,fbx,) formats.Available you can from this item In making Motion Graphics .

Beautiful…Can I put the animation straight into my Wordpress post? How do I convert it to a recognizable format—?I opened project in Cinema 4D. thanks in advance!

You can put the video link of this animation in WordPress skin video link: https://previews.customer.envatousercontent.com/h264-video-previews/35eb487d-5a40-4ab3-9cb6-6ca1f155184e/23664413.mp4 I don’t think you can transfer other formats directly to WordPress?