Complete Slums Building Collection

Complete Slums Building Collection

This is the Slums pack. Included in these files are all the slums buildings posted here. If you’re interested in any of the Slums buildings, purchasing this file will get you the best deal for your money.

As a bonus, I also added two extra free models the “Slums Factory” and “Slums Banners” as well as an example scene to demo these models! What kind of cool stuff can you make with these buildings?

This product features a 2048×2048 texture that manages all the Slums Buildings, This makes setting up all of your Slums Buildings a quick and simple process as well as lowering the project size for your games.

These assets also sport non-overlayed UVs prepared specifically with the option for shadow-baking/lightmassing for maximum graphical control in game engines.

All geometry included is full-quads and modular, so you can add, remove, modify, or adjust aspects of the building to further improve the product to your liking.

This product is tried, tested and true in both Unity and UDK, The Slums Buildings is a great asset to include in any Post-Apocalyptic setting or game! Enjoy!


Example Scene Polygons: 233,088 Vertices: 287,066

Building #1 Polygons: 1,546 Vertices: 2,260

Building #2 Polygons: 2,490 Vertices: 3,610

Building #3 Polygons: 1,920 Vertices: 2,732

Building #4 Polygons:1,808 Vertices:2,660

Building #5 Polygons:2,068 Vertices:3,734

Building #6 Polygons:3,811 Vertices:6,422

Building #7 Polygons:4,350 Vertices:5,082

Building #8 Polygons:1,210 Vertices:1,810

Building #9 (Stand) Polygons:391 Vertices:429

Factory Polygons: 2,710 Vertices: 1,819

Banner: Polygons: 1,252 Vertices: 692