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Very cool! :) Nicely done!

Thank you! That means a lot coming from such a highly respected artist on 3D Ocean.

Very nice work! Hope you will sell enough copies to buy real Harley. :)

Really love seeing strong work in C4D . So many other sites have little in that format. Good work.

Thank you for the comment! You’re right about not seeing many 3D models created in Cinema 4D.

Dude that is gorgeous. Nice work.

I wish that thing was on my driveway….


Amazing. I’m lost for words.

Awesome file…

One sweet ride. Good job

Congratz with featured author! :)

Thanks mr_Necturus! :)

Really Cool. Thinking about creating a logo for a Motorcycle Club patch. Good work!

Thank you! I’m thinking of modelling some more motorbike models soon. :)