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Hello! First, congrats for your fine work! Can you please tell me if this model will work with this AE template: http://videohive.net/item/professional-3d-device-pack-for-element-3d/7139714 I want to replace the iPhone model with your model.

Thank you very much AnHDdrew, I appreciate it. I am not really sure how that scene works but if it supports element3d models (and it seems that it does) I see no reason why wouldn’t it work. Maybe it would be best to contact the author of that scene and ask him if it supports custom models.

Best regards, Tom

Looking really nice, thank you :)

Thank you for your purchase :) You are very welcome, glad you like it!

Great job! Can I animate the UI? I mean, the UI its separated from comp? I’d like to put some diferent contents there.

Thank you for your compliments :) – with UI you mean the screen? The screen is a seperated object in the model but it is the part of the same composition in element3d. Currently the screen has its own texture assigned which can be changed.

Amazing collection, working great!

Thank you for your purchase! :)

How to replace the screen texture without messing with the phone “face”?

Hello, I’m waiting for the update and also for a answer to the email I’ve sent you.

Hey AnHDdrew, sorry, still working on it. The way how Element3D reads materials and model parts after changes is not really, how should I say it, user friendly. So I practically have to remake everything from scratch after splitting some simple parts because E3D messes up the materials and their links to the geometry. Hopefully, I will be done with it today. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

I still haven’t managed to check the file that you have sent me over email.

Regards, Tom

Hello, How is it going with the update? A week passed since you said it will be done. I have a client waiting after this, I really want to move forward. Also, have you checked the PM?

Great work! I just love it !!! :* :)

Thank you very much for your purchase and for your kind words :) I really appreciate it! So glad you like it!

Oh and by the way, tomorrow I will probably send an update with some quick fixes and geometry polishes so make sure you redownload it :)

Best regards, Tom

Thanks you for the info! I will check it tomorrow! Keep going with the great items and best of luck ! :)

We are more interested in working on Cinema 4D with this model as with Element 3D. We tried to load the source C4D scene, but the textures are not loaded. How we can point Cinema 4D to the textures? Do we have to map them manually one by one? It seems we are missing something here. Thank you for your help with this!

Thank you very much :)

same problem here, in cinema 4d no textures loaded, 19$ wasted

Tomislav, nice models but to use a single texture for the face AND the screen is a big mistake. 3 months ago you promised an update to fix this. Did you do that yet ?

how can I add something to the screen? Wasted of money and time figuring out

Hi there is it working properly in Element 3D V2.2 with mutliple-object on ? cheers

Hi, great work! I’m about to buy this but I’m a little bit worried about these comments. I also bought your S5 model (http://3docean.net/item/element3d-samsung-galaxy-s5/7155807) some time ago and had no problems in using a custom AE comp in E3D to replace the screen. Please confirm I can still do this with this model. Thanks!

Hello danni_r7, for now whole front face of this model is one texture – meaning you would need to include the keys and front face in the comp together with your animation. If you have time, please wait a while until I update it. I am back from holidays now and I am in a process of updating the things that people want.

In short – right now the screen texture is not separated as on my S5 model. I will update it and report back. Thank you! Regards, Tom.

My client has bought your file. I am an animator who let him to buy this. But… how we can change a main screen? I really have no idea how to replace that screen so I start to animate it as a “separate” object. I would like to see a different things on my screen in animation on screen but I can’t add it.

I also try to solve that in that way… I did a bigger texture of WHOLE front face, and in ithis I made a smaller rectangle as a screen. I made pre-compose and I was animating in that triangle. But everything still was a one big front face of smartfon. The result of that trick was also very bad because lightins of that 3D model is of course also apllying to whole front face (not only to my screen). So I was unable to perfect much even colours of my animation. The best result I got adding THE SAME animation twice in “Illumination” mode. I just ass second time the same layer with my animation but to the second option – illumination. “Diffuse” + “Illumination” with increase gamma & contrast options works the best so far. So, dude… that update is really needed for buyers.