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is it possible to use a video over the screen instead of static image?

Dear ZOMGsheikk, thank you very much for your purchase. Yes, there should be no problem in using a video instead of a static image.

ok i am having trouble while importing, after effect just crashes each time, i am using CC2015 and elements 1.6

Dear ZOMGsheikk, the model is made in Elements V2 with its new physical shaders. I think that might be the problem – since 1.6 doesn’t have them.

How it looks in C4D file? Is it single mesh, or editible many pieces?

Thank you :) really glad that you like it.

Hmm, about that animation question – To be completely honest with you, I’m not much of an animator. Have you checked C4D Lite plugin for AE? Maybe it transfers animation? Yeah, cloner is way too slow in most cases – I would avoid it.

Ye I do have that plugin, but it renders at the same speed as C4D. I will figure something out. Thank You for good work, take care

Alright, hope you figure it out. Sorry that I couldn’t be much of a help, but I am not into animation at all unfortunately. You are very welcome – you too.

Wow, this looks incredible. Congratulations on being the featured item! :)

Thank you CrashBangMusic :)

If I open the ”.obj” file within Photoshop is there a way to load in the phone’s texture?

Dear pisarius_entertainment, first of all, thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, I am really not aware of how Photoshop is handling 3d files or textures. I do all my 3d work in either Cinema4D or 3DSMax.

Hi there- Im getting a LOT of texture tearing on elements that are fairly far away from the camera from the “screen backdrop layer. Tried reloading and tried pushing the mesh. Is there anyway I can update this? As it is now its unusable from far away.

I was running a grid of 300 iphones with optimized meshes, but i cant even run 10 of these from a distance. otherwise its a great model. What are my options?

Dear StanLube, its a know issue with Element3D renderer. Sometimes, when the two objects are close together (in this case the screen backdrop layer and the glass) tearing appears from far away. As soon as you zoom in closer, problem goes away. My solution for this would be spreading those two objects slightly more from each other, so the tearing doesn’t appear. I will check it out more closely. Regards, Tom

Hello I just bought the Galaxy S7 set and some of the materials are not loading correctly. Im not sure what the problem is. Your IPad set works perfect. What can we do to fix this?