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Amazing work!

Thanks !

It’s great, I wish more sales to you!

Thank you

HI guys, I do not know about 3D File Formats. What i would like to say is: 1. Will I be able to print the images in big formats? 2. Can I customize the images? If yes which programmes I need to use? thanks a lot Libera

1.Yes will be possible. You can print the size you want. 2. Can be open and include works in all areas özelle?tirilebilir.3dsmax obj format, which imports all 3d progamme.

So beautiful item you made and just 1 sale, so sad!

Unfortunately :-)

am sorry i’m very new to this sort of thing, what exactly do i do with this amazing work.

You can use the environment to put your architectural projects.It will be much more realistic.

Hi, I need to know (before I buy) is it possible to load your scene in 3ds max 2010 ? I don´t have 2014 … thanks

You do not have the needed objects from the .obj files you can add to the worksheet. At the same time merge command also do the same. If I install it anyway distress 2010 compatible version of the matter.

Hi, I just bought your 3D model and there’s no texture man! Please advice

Thanks. Sent you screen shot through email. I appreciate your quick responses. I hope to get it resolved asap so we can finalise our project.

I will do my best

Hi EdProje, I was thinking of to get this artwork of yours for an AR project. my only concern before buying it was how the model is textured? all i need the texture image size to be the power of 2, (1024X1024 or 2048X2048) .. the moment you confirm the texture size i can make the purchase. Thanks in advance.

Hello there. Tissue sizes are optimal. that is, the stage where the scene will not pass, and the quality textures. Buy it if you like. send the textures to your e-mail address.

I wish to work well.

ed project