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I’m super new to this and hair in general in Maya. but is there a way to retain the look of the hair, but make it undynamic or static? I basically want the hair to look as it does but without the added file weight of dynamic hair.

Hi , you can turn all hair ’s dynamic to static mode, by going into Maya Hair system node attribute and under simulation attribute , change it to static.

I’m having trouble editing each hair. whenever I click the poly/plane the hair wont follow. and I can’t edit each hair, when I click “edit GMH style” all of the hair gets selected.

to edit each hair , you can select individual poly surface and go to “Surface Edit” tab of GMH UI and adjust the settings there :) .

Overall, I am really happy with this script, it’s helped me really control and obtain the hairstyle I wanted quickly.

I do have a problem though and I’m not sure if this is just from being a student but I am having troubles constraining the hair to geometry. I was able to get it to work once by attaching an overall group to my model by point, orient, and scale constraining but somehow this solution keeps breaking and the hair follicles end up slipping out of the model. Overall it looks like it might be a double transformation. Is there anywhere I can seek advice on this?

Hi , To constrain or parent the hair , you just need to parent the original Poly Surface group to head ’s joint then the GMH Hair will follow during animation :). so no parent or constrain for GMH Hair group

Hi, I have tried to add another object as a collision object, I have made it a passive collider but the GMHPoltStyleSystem will not collide with the object. cheers J

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Hello, I know you addressed it earlier in this discussion but I was wondering if you could go in to more detail into connecting the GMH hair to a character model for animation. As I’m really struggling to do this and feel like I have tried everything?

If their is a step by step guide to do so then I would really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.


Hello, We’re trying to use gmh2 in a non-dynamic way. Our hair is modeled with polygons, gmh2 is applied and we have working hair. Is it possible to drive the hair at every frame with the deformed input of the modeled polygon rather than be simulated? Thanks!


I wrote to you on your site, but wanted to also write here in case someone has had the same problem before and can offer a solution.

My problem is once I create a hairstyle – I cannot select and manipulate faces of any object in the scene.

I made a short 1.5 min video stating the problem.


Thanks in advance, the product looks great, but this is a big problem for me.

Regards Jordan

Hi , Thank you for your enquiries, I have updated the plugin to the latest version that fixed the bug.

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Currently I am using 2.5 and I’ve run into a problem in maya 2017. After playing my animation, the hairs no longer follow the planes. The geometry moves but the hairs do not follow. The actual render also shows the hairs as being left behind.

Returning the animation slider to 0 does not fix the problem. The planes no longer follow the geo.

Do you have any thoughts?

Greetings, thanks for making an easier to use hair plugin, i can make some really nice looking hair on older plane meshes. My only problem is being able to export the hair splines to a mesh and I keep getting this error “no meshes exported for selected GMH Style System, aborted”

I am a beginner with Maya and using 2.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

the mesh export feature are only possible for Poly Style system :) . for the usual hair style system , you can only export them as curves in FBX files


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If I parent the follicles to the bone the maya hair moves with it but the geometry does not. If I make them dynamic the geometry moves with the joint but not the hairs. How do I attach the curves to the mesh?

has any further work been done on recreating this in python?

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As soon as I add a keyframe the maya hair no longer follows the polygons. They are parented to the head joint. I tried going to keyframe 0. I cannot get this to work. I commented here before and emailed support on your website.

hello I was wondering if after I create the hair I can turn the hair into curves

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