Work is executed in 3ds max 2013.

Render the scene is missing, the character is made to the game engine.

Fairy-tale characters Goblin has customized Setap, ready for animation. The skeleton is named and logically divided into layers.

On the arms and legs using inverse kinematics (HI Solver).

Feet and toes are configured through the Reactor Manager and Modifier Attribute Holder.

System spine soft-inertial controlled manipulators with three independent from each other. On vertebra system is used Spline IK Control via Path Constraint.

Cervical vertebra and head are controlled by a supervisor via the Orientation Constraint.

Each ear is also controlled similarly to the head with the neck through the Orientation Constraint.

The clavicle is controlled through the Orientation Constraint.

The forearm is set closer to the real hands torsional deformation brush with inspectors Orientation Constraint and LookAt Constraint, broken bone segments.

A character has five fingers with three phalanges. Is controlled by the Attribute Holder modifier through the runners and counters.

For deformation geometry used Skin and additional auxiliary averaging bones, for proper reformation of knee and elbow joints.

Textures three (Diffuse, Normal, Specular (tga)) with a resolution of 4096×4096px.

Additionally there is sculpting with Zbrush HP-model in .ztl and script on the brush used to manage Palace free script (located in the script (\ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 2013 \ stdplugs \ stdscripts \), run 3ds max)

Additional Information: File Axis Direction: Y-up File Units: Meters System Axis Direction: Z-up System Units: Meters

Enjoy your work!