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Can I use this with mental ray?

Sure you can, basically they are models of grass blades bundled together, but then you would have to create the MR proxies yourself.

Also you would just have to set up any MR-compatible material and add the procedural gradient map to its diffuse slot, or create your own gradient map :D

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Let me know if i can be of any use :)

Dear lord this is exactly what I was about to spend my day doing – you rock, thanks! Question: what does the word ‘Gazon’ refer to?

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Thanks mate ! Your comment really made my day :)) Hope you really enjoy the file :D I created it bearing all my buyers’ needs in mind, so really glad you appreciate my effort :)

Well, Gazon is more of a french word.. But it is used in english as well.. It means domestic grass, i.e. not wild. Google up “Gazon” and u’ll see what i mean better !

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Shoot me an email if i may be of any further assistance ! Super customer, good luck with your project ! :D

y buy this and, i have no idea how to use it, is there a dummy tutorial version?? wtf is Vray proxy_???

Hi ! Thank you for purchasing the file.

Here are a few explanatory links/tutorials that perfectly cover every point of usage :)

Tuts on scattering (using) the grass:
#1: http://www.republicofcode.com/tutorials/3ds/grassfield/
#2: http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/7946/grass-with-3ds-max-and-v-ray-for-flat-grounds
#3: http://www.polygonblog.com/3d-grass-and-sky/

And here is a great article that covers everything about vray proxies :))


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Hello, Would I be able to use this to create my landscape material in UE4?

Hello ! Unfortunately, this item is not optimized for games/game engines.

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damn, well that is ok. but just to verify, does this mean I would not be able to create a texture 2d file?

Oh, you can do a 2D render and convert to texture for your game, but you should have Vray installed. To be very honest, this file targets architects more than others.