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Wow, this gun is truly amazing! Impressive textures, top quality! Congrats!

Thank you so much mate :D

Agreed !! simply amazing !! super detail,super polycount,super quality,super all !! :D

good luck selling this :D

thanks a lot mate, appreciated

Shukran :D

Hahahaa tikram ya habibe :)

Very impresive!

Can you explain in two words how you are making these photo realistic textures, please? If its not your professional secret, of course. :)

Thanks mate,

well it all hand painted in Photoshop using brushes i also modify some real pics i find on the net.

Thank you! As I said, its very impressive high end quality work. Good luck in work and sells!

Hey Dude you is rocking. Love the texturing.


Thanks a lot mate :D

good job! Marmoset RT render?

Thanks mate, yes Marmoset Engine.

Very nice :)

Just an idea nut it would be awesome if you submitted a tutorial or blog post to the site outlining your UV Unwrap and texture method.

Great work!!!!

Thanks mate :D

Well actually a im not really good at writing tutorials, but when i will have time i will try post some.

Simply fantastic.

Thanks a lot mate :D

looks awsome ! awsome modeling ! awsome texturing ! awsome evry thing !

Thank you very much! :D