Major Highlights

  • suitable for any kind of 3D applications
  • unlimited terrain size based on Tilable Displacement Texture
  • basicly, this package includes 3 specific items

    A 3×3Km 3ds max flat plane using Vray/octane displacement, with 9 quads only!! fully extendable to any size, by incrementation of 1 segment for each kilometre added to the plane

    A 3×3Km “3ds max plane” using turbosmooth and 3ds max displacement, so moderately extendeble with 37K faces

    A 1×1Km mesh using diffuse and normal maps, with 512K faces

  • 3ds max 2013 Vray 3.4, Octane Render 3.03 and scanline / OBJ, FBX and lwo formats are provided
  • 4K texture maps for the displacement (GS16bit), normal, and two different “diffuse colors”
  • 15 bunus HD textures including 2 additional diffuse textures, flow, slope, snow masks and an additional 16 bits GS combiner for displacement variations… these tools, may help you to combine and to compose with even more textures, but also help you with “populating tasks”. You’ll also find additional information text notes within this package
  • This package items are my 100% property

This item is my first tileable High Definition Terrain, suitable for variable 3D landscaping situations, as my renderings and videos may testify. This terrain was produced with World Machine.

  • Available Formats

Those, familiar with my previous submitted items, will notice this first introduction, combining 3ds max with octane render… as this package is “micro subdivision geometry” oriented also, and both vray and octane displacement methodes are quite different, users may find an interest, in discovering how similar results could be achived with these specific techniques.

  • Terrain Size

The terrain creation method, as exposed inside this package, do not suffer about any “terrain size” limitation… you’ll find 1×1Km and 3×3Km extendable terrains within 3ds max files.