HDRI spherical sky panorama -2103- night & stars

HDRI spherical sky panorama -2103- night & stars

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Full spherical HDRI panorama (360° & 180°) of a cloudless night sky with stars and bright moon (time: 21:03). This is a very rare real HDR night sky scenario for great realistic night render scenarios.
The texture has a super high resolution of 10000×5000 pixel and can be used as skydome for image based lighting (GI). This is a real captured sky with all its richness and detail (not computer generated!) For additional compositings the included high-resolution backplates images of the same night sky can be used.

Ideal for realistic architectural renderings (but also products, etc.)

Superhigh resolution of 10.000×5.000 pixels with 9 exposure steps that offers a rich light depth.

(HDR): .hdr; .exr; (LDR): .jpg

Backplate images
18! highresolution and professional (5184×3456 pixel !!!) backplate images included (some samples see preview picture), which can be used for background compositings. Click “more pictures” to see all 18 backplates.

HDR sky panorama can be used in every 3D application that supports HDRI lighting (3D studio max, Cinema 4D, Vray, Mentalray, Maxwell, Maya, etc.)

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