HDRI: Urban 1

HDRI: Urban 1


What is a HDRI?

HDRI is the abbreviation of “High Dynamic Range Image”, and in this case it is a 360ºx180º panorama. Its function is to provide you a real environment for your 3D work and make it the most realistic as possible.

Why should I get it?

This type of HDRI can be used for any 3D work as you wish. However the environment, and backplates have been thought for 3D car projects.

Isn’t it too low quality?

The resolution 5000×2500 pixels allows you to work with a good quality of reflections, and also with a manageable (.hdr) format on your 3D viewport. So, if you don’t have great computer power, you still can do realistic renders in an acceptable time and excellent quality. Even more, for those users who need Higher Resolutions and are able to handle heavy (.hdr) images, this item also includes a 10000×5000 pixels panorama.

What does the pack include?

It contains:
  • A 360ºx 180º Spherical panorama (5000×2500 pixels) in (.jpg), and (.hdr) format.
  • A 360ºx 180º Spherical panorama (10000×5000 pixels) in (.jpg), and (.hdr) format.
  • 11 backplates (4928×3264 pixels) in (.jpg) format.


The “More images” section includes a preview of all the backplates included in this pack. Take a look!

All the images (Backplates and Hdri) don’t have water marks.

The models on the images are shown just to check the reflections and lighting. They are not included in the pack.

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