Hi-Res Brick Textures - S01 - AIO

Hi-Res Brick Textures - S01 - AIO

Hi-Res Brick Textures – S01 – AIO


This is the All-in-One of my Bricks – Series 01 Hi-Res brick textures series. All textures are custom made and Hi-Res at 4K. Hopfully you will find these textures useful in your own projects.

Texture Category: Building
Sub-Category: Bricks Texture Type: Seamless
File Type: JPG
Dimensions: 4096×4096 (4K)
Diffuse/Color Map Included: Yes
Bump Map Included: Yes
Specular Map Included: Yes
Normal Map Included: Yes

Files Included:
Bricks-S01-01.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-01B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-01N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-01S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-02.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-02B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-02N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-02S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-03.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-03B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-03N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-03S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-04.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-04B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-04N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-04S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-05.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-05B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-05N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-05S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-06.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-06B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-06N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-06S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-07.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-07B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-07N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-07S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-08.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-08B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-08N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-08S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-09.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-09B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-09N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-09S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-10.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-10B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-10N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-10S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-11.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-11B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-11N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-11S.jpg (Specular Map)
Bricks-S01-12.jpg (Diffuse/Color Map)
Bricks-S01-12B.jpg (Bump Map)
Bricks-S01-12N.jpg (Normal Map)
Bricks-S01-12S.jpg (Specular Map)
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