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Super CooL!!!!

Nice one! Bravo pi4 :)

Wow, I really love that police car :) !!!!!

That’s awesome! Nice idea. Keep up the good work!

haha!! love it! :) great job!

Gm… Nostalgia for Charlie Chaplin. :) Nice.

loving it… when I see something like that, I get more and more interest in trying how to modeling :D

additionally, I believe this car would be perfect for a arcade racing game like Burnout! :D

Thank you for your kind words and welcome!!! :) :) :)

wao! That is one cool police car! Great job and congrats on your item being featured.

lol,this is just great!!! btw,svalqm ti shapka za avatara :)

Very nice model , keep up the good work :)

same as your other car, just incredible! Any chance of low poly version?

Would be great for games with an extended license ;)

These two car models are with all modifiers, so when you open them and turn off the meshsmooth modifiers they are with their lowpoly version. What is you polygon limit? :)

There is possibility for an extended license and all my models has it.