Huawei P10 Plus for Element 3D

Huawei P10 Plus for Element 3D

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Huawei P10 Plus for Video Copilot’s Element 3D v2.2

• Huawei P10 Plus model optimized specifically for Element 3D in Cinema 4D file format
     • Huawei P10 Plus.c4d
• 3 Element 3D model presets with textures and materials applied
    • Huawei P10 Plus​ Black .e3d
    • Huawei P10 Plus​ Blue .e3d
    • Huawei P10 Plus​ Gold .e3d
    • Huawei P10 Plus​ Green .e3d
    • Huawei P10 Plus​ Rose .e3d
    • Huawei P10 Plus​ White .e3d
    • Huawei P10 Plus​ Silver .e3d
• 6 .jpg textures

Light setup and reflections look can be changed to your needs.
Homescreen supports video, still images or text.

Here you can find some of the works made by our customers

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