ILVE Majestic scene included

ILVE Majestic scene included

High-poly model of legendary ILVE Majestic range. Original mesh was created and texturized in 3DS Max 2015.

Dimenitions of range: Width: 2915/16 in. Height: 3513/16 in. – 363/16 in. Depth: 27 3/4 in.

Rander & Materials – VRay 3.2. If you need, I can send for you files with standart materials.


  • Original 3Ds Max 2015 file with all stack layers (TurboSmooth, EditPoly, EditSpline and etc.)
  • OnlyPoly model without stack layers 3Ds
  • 3Ds Max 2012 file coverted from 2015, for more versions of 3Ds Max compatibility
PAINT MATERIALS (all variations like ILVE site offer):
  1. Antique White
  2. <il>Burgundy <il>Emerald Green
  3. Matte Graphite
  4. Midnight Blue
  5. Stainless Steel
  6. True White
METAL MATERIALS (all the options offered by the manufacturer’s website ILVE Appliances):
  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Chrome
  3. Brass
  4. Bronze
FOOTS (all the options offered by the manufacturer’s website ILVE Appliances)
  1. Standart Foots
  2. Round foots
  3. decorative foots

All maps and textures are included in archive with original *.MAX format.