Industrial Area HDRI - Dusk Desolation

Industrial Area HDRI - Dusk Desolation

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The Industrial Area HDRI-brand is a collection of high-dynamic range images, which display industrialized and rugged environments. Usually the qualities selected under the brand is industrial, urban decay, degeneration and abandonment. The lighting-conditions of these varies from natural exterior lighting to artificial indoor lighting.


A first on in the set of industrial themed HDRI-images.

A 360/180-degrees HDRI, shot at the industrial area of my hometown at dusk, at spring. Great for producing physically-accurate lightning for your CG-work, or panoramic purposes, backplates, 360-degree backplate for your compositions (for example with Red Giant Horizon), you name it!

As for personal usage, I use the HDRI’s I shoot for CG-work mostly, and lightning them. If it’s a job where I need to plant CG-object in a real world environment, then I use the HDRI for producing accurate lightning and reflections. But these are not the only things you can use the HDRI’s for, and I encourage you to find new and interesting ways to make use of them.

Tip: In 3DS Max, if you use VRay, you can use only the sky portion of the images if wished so, by unchecking the “Full-dome” option in VrayLight Dome-settings.

Provided with high quality tone-mapped 8-bit 18 megapixel JPEG backplates from several angles to use for compositing.


Shot with Canon EOS 600D /w Magic Lantern HDR-Bracketing Feature


Sigma EX DC HSM f3.5-4 10-20mm Lens


Normal tripod with DIY zero-parallax rig


2-EV 3-step exposure


OpenEXR and Radiance

Package includes

OpenEXR and Radiance HDRI’s

Set of JPEG-backplates and JPEG-panorama

Complementary file, which is a scene containing a model imitating the warehouse shown in the image prepared for VRay, as well as VRay-shaders with textures from my own libraries.

Useable in any 3D-application which supports HDR-based lightning and reflections.

Industrial Area HDRI Set

Industrial Area HDRI II – Abandoned Hall (open interior)

Industrial Area HDRI III – Grain Silo (open interior)

Industrial Area HDRI IV – Warehouse Corridor (interior)

Any questions regardin the file or it’s usage, be sure to comment below, or straight to e-mails northlogicvfx(at)

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