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Nice one! Well textured, and nice facial additions!

keep up the good work!

Thanks LionFox! Appreciate the comments.

It really looks professional. If i would see thiis in a Pixar production, I would not complain about the quality!

Thank you equilibriumDC! That’s a nice thing to say. :)

awesome model! Do you include render scene setup like in preview? If so what kind of render?

Hey buntarmedia, yes, the render scene set up like in preview is included. Rendered with Mental Ray.


amazing…. simply the best one…..

Hey thanks graphcoder! :)

Awesome works.. just visit your site.. got some inspiration for fee.. :)

Glad to be inspiring you! Thanks a lot!

wow. amazing. :)

Thanks a lot mythja, appreciate it! ;)

i’m is your fan michael, your work is really great ;)

Thanks a lot snool! Appreciate the kind comment! ;) I got my eye on your new logo’s ! ;)

Hi, great character – thinking about to buy it – i´m working on a 3D fantasy / adventure / eco thriller for kids about 20 min long – my question is if I buy the regular license, can I later upgrade the extended Licence?

Hey TVDOCS, I don’t know to be honest, you best contact Envato about this, before me saying something which isn’t right.. ;) Thx for your kind words about the char. Appreciate it!

Great character. I might have a use for him, but I would need the character modified a bit (make his face longer, remove the studs add more hair and give him horns to look like a logo character). Is this possible? If its not possible for me to do in Maya, could I pay you to modify him?

Since I’m no Maya goeroe, I really can’t say if this is possible or not. The tophair, and sidehair (studs?) can be turned off (visibility). Horns you could parent to the head I think. Don’t take my word for it tho, maybe show this model to someone who knows Maya inside and out? Regards and thanks for liking the model. Appreciate it very much!